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Human motion capture software for 3D animators.


Create your 3D animation from a Video without suit or hardware.

AI Powered Motion Capture Tool

High-quality tool for human body animators, offering a revolutionary solution for capturing motion from 2D media data (videos). Both our software and web versions deliver this innovative technology, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all users.

Generate Pose (Text to 3D Pose)

With our innovative Pose Generate feature, you have the power to transform your descriptive text into life-like 3D poses. This tool provides an exceptional ability to take written descriptions and convert them into three-dimensional renderings. 

Running pose

Stop from running pose

Standing with left hand on hip and right hand pointing forward.

Two people running

Two people fighting

Apply On Mixamo Characters

40+ Mixamo character have been integrated. Feel free to apply your mocap on any of them.

Artistic Mentor Chat Bot

We offer an advanced AI-powered bot that assumes the roles of both a mentor and a creative artist. This innovative feature is designed to assist you in your creative journey and is capable of providing guidance, answering your queries, and even suggesting creative ideas.

My Team

Movmi provides a collaborative space for teams to share and discuss projects, enhancing productivity and fostering a sense of community among users. You can share your creatives there! Including animations and poses.

Multiple Humans

Movmi is equipped to handle scenarios that involve multiple human characters. This ability covers a broad array of situations, making it perfect for creating intricate sequences. It can masterfully manage everything from high-energy fight scenes requiring accurate interplay and movement, to detailed conversation scenes with multiple participants.

Subscription Plans



- Limited credits (3 lifetime credits).

- Access limited motion capture features.

- Competitive workflow.



- Access to all motion capture features.

- Faster workflow.

- Compliance support.

- Support by mail.



- Access to all motion capture features.

- Software download.

- Faster & robust workflow.

- Support tickets.

- My Team.

- Backup storage.

Use the output FBX file in 3D environments.

Movmi Store

Movmi Store Contains a collection of 3D characters that are free of charge so the Motion Developers have freedom to use them in their Development. It Explores a library of Full-Body Character animation of many poses and actions.

Download Free 3D Models Of Humans that are ready to live in your scenes. Access the Store through Movmi software.

Our Goal

Movmi was established with the goal of creating a potent technology within the realm of computer vision, specifically aimed at converting 2D media content into 3D human motion estimations.

Our software, powered by advanced AI algorithms, provides a groundbreaking solution for human pose estimation. We offer our users a high-quality tool that affords versatility across various motion development tasks. This not only facilitates time efficiency for animators and motion developers working on 3D humanoid animations, but also ensures compatibility with broader applications through the export of universally accepted FBX files for use in any 3D environment.

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