Movmi V2.1.1 !

Web app is temporarily unavailable till 6th May due to necessary maintenance and fixes!!!

Attention: Service disruption due to scaling and development stages. Please stay tuned for updates!

Free human motion capture software for 3D animators.


Create your 3D animation from a Video without suit or hardware.

AI Powered Motion Capture Tool

Providing a high qualified tool for human body motion developers, Movmi provides a revolutionary solution for capturing humanoid motion from 2D media Data (Image, Video).

Cloud Computing

The whole capturing process runs on a cloud. The clients needn't use high end devices.

Any Location and Device

Use media shots from any camera ,starting from smart phones to professional cameras, through any life style scene.

Multiple humans

Supports scenes with multiple humans. For example: fights, conversations, …ect.

Supports Different Armatures

Supports Three Armatures: Huma Meta-Rig, Human Rig, Basic Human Rig.

Movmi Store

Browses a collection of full textured characters which are used in every purposes: cartoon, fantasy and CG projects.
Movmi Store Explores Full-Body Character animation of many poses and actions. You can use the animation on Any of Movmi characters.



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-Full capturing features.



-Free of ads.

-Premium features.

Use the output FBX file in 3D environments.

Movmi Store

Movmi Store Contains a collection of 3D characters that are free of charge so the Motion Developers have freedom to use them in their Development. It Explores a library of Full-Body Character animation of many poses and actions.

Download Free 3D Models Of Humans that are ready to live in your scenes. Access the Store through Movmi software.

Our Goal

Movmi is founded to develop one of the most powerful technology in computer vision which focuses on estimating the Human 3D motion from 2D media content.

Movmi software was built by Advanced AI algorithms to achieve the revolutionary solution for human pose estimation. We provide users with qualified software that provides them the freedom to be used in any type of motion development. It helps the animators and motion developers to save time during working through their 3d humanoid animation projects. Exporting a universally used output file, the FBX file is used in any 3D environment.

Enjoy The Reality