About Us

Welcome to Movmi! We’re reshaping the animation landscape with our innovative platform, powered by advanced Computer Vision algorithms. Our technology translates 2D media into lifelike 3D animations, opening up a world of creativity and simplicity for artists everywhere. Beyond this, we offer other outstanding features designed to further support and enhance your work. 

Movmi is a complimentary motion capture solution that caters to a diverse range of lifestyle locations and a variety of camera devices. Our aim is to simplify and expedite the animation process for animators and game developers, eliminating the need for laborious hours spent on animating a single character. Utilizing advanced computer vision algorithms, Movmi is equipped to handle diverse humanoid scenarios, capable of capturing facial and body movements of any individual. We invite you to join us as we continue to push the boundaries of creative expression in animation, delivering more innovative solutions that make animation more accessible and intuitive.


Our Team

Founder & CEO / Developer

Ahmed Askar

Chief Technology Officer

Sanjoy Kumar

Chief Business Officer

Harshil Shah

Digital Creator

David Fliesen

Math Scientist

Ivan Vasquez