Questions and Answers

What is the best clothes for this software?

You can wear whatever you want. Just avoid the clothes of same color with the background.

How many features does Movmi have?

Currently, Movmi has four AI powered features: Motion Capture, Multiple Human, Text to 3D Pose, and AI artistic assistant.

Is the software online or offline?​

Movmi software is an offline software. You only need to be online during the login process.

How can download and use the software?

Only the Pro plan users can download and use it. The user can download it through the settings page in the web version.

How to use it!

You should refer to the guide page for tutorials and instructions. The algorithm requires specific types of videos; otherwise, you may receive a refused label on them.

Can I use the exported file in commercial purposes?

Yes, you have the right to do that.